ASUSTOR Surveillance Center Adds Support For PLANET IP Cameras

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Taipei, Taiwan, October 14th, 2015 – ASUSTOR Inc., a leading innovator and provider of network storage solutions, has announced that it has once again expanded compatibility for IP cameras in a new collaborative integration with PLANET Technology Corp. All ASUSTOR NAS devices are now compatible with world renowned PLANET IP cameras, providing a new high quality video surveillance and storage solution for the digital age.

With the optimization of network bandwidth, the majority of users have already started to replace traditional surveillance systems with IP surveillance systems which require high quality video recording technology and stable digital storage. ASUSTOR NAS not only provides a highly stable network storage system, but also allows users to easily setup and install a surveillance management system, allowing them to keep an eye on their most valued assets.

PLANET remarks that it is the first time that they have collaborated with ASUSTOR, making all of PLANET’s high quality IP camera products compatible with ASUSTOR’s network storage servers. PLANET further states that for users requiring a complete network surveillance solutions, high quality surveillance feeds can be transferred and stored on ASUSTOR network storage devices via PLANET’s smart energy-saving PoE switches and related equipment. Furthermore, smart system functions help administrators with remote management while maintaining high quality surveillance and productivity in any usage environment.

“ASUSTOR is continually expanding compatibility for IP cameras, allowing users to the flexibility to create a suitable surveillance system in accordance to their budget and camera brand preferences,” said James Su, Product Manager at ASUSTOR. “We are excited to complete this integration with PLANET, providing greater integration flexibility than ever before for system integrators.”

ASUSTOR’s Surveillance Center is a free surveillance system that can be installed on ASUSTOR NAS devices. It instantly turns an ASUSTOR NAS into an NVR (Network Video Recorder). Surveillance Center features a simple 5 step quick installation wizard that can complete camera additions within 90 seconds and configure recording, viewing and management settings, providing users with a cost-effective surveillance system. A variety of professional grade surveillance functions have been recently released for Surveillance Center. In addition to 4 free camera channels, users can purchase add-on camera channel licenses to expand the number of camera channels should they require it.

Also worth mentioning is support for the new Multi-Stream function which allows users to configure 3 different default camera feed resolution options. This provides the advantage of maintaining high resolutions for critical recordings while maintaining the flexibility to switch to different resolutions to adapt to users’ device hardware, network bandwidth, and number of feeds being viewed when accessing surveillance feeds online. The system also remembers the preferences for each individual user, providing the optimal streaming experience for each online user. For example, when viewing a single stream 1080p may be used but when viewing multiple streams 480p may be used to maintain smooth video.

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