Atari Inc files for bankruptcy

News Editor: Gavin Bonshor Date: 21-01-2013 [ Print | comment(s) ]  Discuss in Forums

Atari Inc have announced they are filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a bid to split from their not so profitable French owners and trade independently.

The oldest brand in video gaming is set to sell its rights to games including Pong, Centipede and Asteroids.

Atari Inc, Humongous Inc and US Holdings Inc want to leave Atari SA and hoping find an investor to make the company a separate equity. Atari SA who used to be known as Infogrames SA were struggling for years financially and US operations opted to change their business direction from retail games to digital games. Share values have dropped dramatically in value from 11 euro's per share in 2008 to under 1 euro quite recently.

Is this a wise move given the current global economic crisis? Can Atari Inc become the force they used to be in the gaming world? Join our community and discuss on our forum on this and a range of other topics!
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