Bag A New Year Bargain With MSI's Icecold Cashback Offer

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅04.01.2016 16:47:01

MSI are starting the year with the perfect antidote to frenetic post-Christmas sales - a cash-back offer that is almost universal in its choice of outlets and with plenty of time to mull it over. Plus, there's no stodgy left-over racks of XX-Small socks here (or, at least, the tech. equivalent); vast swathes of MSI's current motherboard lineup are included in the deal.

Looking to splurge on a Intel High-End X99 platform? Well then MSI have you covered three ways through the X99A-GAMING 9 ACK, X99A XPOWER AC and X99A GAMING 7. The top-of-the-line X99A-GAMING 9 ACK for Intel's Haswell-E CPUs qualifies for the full 30 off the purchase price, whilst the latter two accomplished models are part of the 20 cash-back class of motherboards. That's a nice sweetner to roll back into your new system, perhaps on a GPU upgrade or bigger SSD.

Also included in the cash back offer is a comprehensive range of motherboards based on the Z170-Chipset for Intel Skylake CPUs. At the top of the stack is the premium MSI Z170A GAMING 9 ACK which, like its X99 counterpart, qualifies for a full 30 back from a retail purchase. Meanwhile the Z170A GAMING M7, Z170A GAMING M5 and Z170A XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM EDITION are each eligible for 20 back, which is a nice cherry on top of a set of already top-quality 'boards. Finally, a wide selection of gaming and mainstream Z170 models, including the Z170A GAMING PRO and Z170A KRAIT GAMING, will net you a cool 18 back on your order.

Rounding off the offer are a trio of surprises - three H170-Chipset motherboards. Already an 'affordable' option for anyone not interested in overclocking but still in need of MSI's unique feature set, each of those listed qualify for 18 back through the promotion.

The full list of qualifying motherboards is as follows:

All official MSI retailers are participating in this promotion. All you need to do is retain your invoice for the motherboard and then follow the instructions at [url[/url]. Claims can be submitted between 30 and 60 days following your purchase (a policy to dissuade the dishonest who claim the cashback and then retain the 'board under the 30-day DSR rules) and motherboards purchased since Christmas Eve are eligible (so long as you have that invoice). Full Terms and Conditions as well as an FAQ are available on the site.

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