Basemark Broadens Benchmarking Portfolio With Vulkan Perf. Test

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅16.11.2015 14:17:57

Helsinki (Finland) - November, 2015 – Basemark, the world leading graphics and system performance expert, announced today a new product called Basemark GPU Vulkan. This benchmarking software enables the industry to objectively and reliably quantify and compare graphics and computing performance of next generation mobile and desktop processors compatible with the new generation Vulkan™ API from the Khronos Group.

Basemark GPU Vulkan is developed in close cooperation with key player semiconductor companies, such as AMD, Imagination Technologies, Intel, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Renesas within Basemark’s benchmark development program. This close cooperation with the leading GPU and CPU companies of the world ensures that the benchmark will be extremely reliable and also represent the utmost in objectivity.

“Meaningful, well-designed benchmarks are a vital part of an API ecosystem and so Khronos is excited to see the proven Basemark team working to enable the industry to analyze Vulkan performance across desktop and mobile devices,” said Neil Trevett, President of the Khronos Group. “Basemark GPU Vulkan will not only provide insights into enhanced, next generation graphics workloads, but will also enable detailed performance comparisons between Vulkan and other emerging APIs – a topic of intense industry interest.”

“Our customers require relevant Vulkan API performance tests as opposed to theoretical workloads. We have spent considerable resources in researching and planning a relevant and dependable performance test in Basemark GPU Vulkan.” said Tero Sarkkinen, Founder and CEO of Basemark. “We urge all industry experts and leading companies to join the development program to help us device the true industry standard Vulkan API benchmark.”

Development of Basemark GPU Vulkan was started in August 2015 and preliminary specification of the benchmark has already been delivered for benchmark development program members’ review. Basemark GPU Vulkan will be commercially available in Q2, 2016 for both mobile and PC platforms.

Interested to participate in the development? Please contact Basemark at [email protected]

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