Bauhütte Gaming Concepts Includes A Comfy Gaming Bed

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Bauhütte, a Japanese company selling gaming furniture, introduced its latest gaming concepts for different types of gamers. Bauhütte’s list includes the standard gaming desk layout, a racer’s cockpit layout, a standing desk layout, and a comfy gaming bed layout. The different gaming concepts feature the brand’s products which are gaming chairs, gaming desks, standing desks, living beds, desk accessories, and more.

Bauhütte Racer Cockpit Layout

Bauhütte’s gaming layouts virtually cover every type of gamer out there including others. The brand offers low-style gaming chairs that are perfect for a racer cockpit layout as illustrated above. The setup gives a similar sitting position like most race cars.

Bauhütte Cycling Gaming Concept

For gamers that are health-conscious, you can burn more calories while gaming by cycling with this cycling gaming concept.

Bauhütte Gaming Bed Concept

Need to game as soon as you wake up? These gaming bed concepts will sure appeal to such gamers. The setup is complete with a gaming sofa and beverage rack and snack basket along with the gaming desktop furniture.

Bauhütte made a total of 14 gaming concepts for different types of gamers. Check out the other gaming concepts at the Bauhütte website.

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