Be Quiet Light Up the Event With Computex 2024 Product Showcase

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Taipei, June 5, 2024 - [url=http:/]be quiet![/url], the German manufacturer for premium PC components, is bringing light into the darkness of the halls of Nangang Exhibition Center. Among the highlights of Computex 2024 are a stunning glass case series (Light Base), brand-new AIO water cooling units (Light Loop) and a much-anticipated addition to the popular Light Wings portfolio (Light Wings LX). be quiet! is also showing its new high-end single-tower air cooler (Dark Rock 5), a mainstream power supply (Pure Power 12), as well as jaw-dropping builds based on the new Light products.

Light Base 900/600: Exceptional from every angle

Light Base 900 and Light Base 600 series mark the first cases of be quiet! in 'fishtank' or 'show case' style. Its fully windowed front panel and side panels give you a stunning panoramic view on all your PC components, while the PSU, drive and cables are neatly hidden thanks to the two-chamber design. Light Base cases can be used in three different orientations: it can be used in the regular orientation (right side) or inverted by switching the feet from the bottom to the top and flipping the case (left side). Additionally, to feature new creative builds and setups, the case can be used horizontally, with the glass windows on the top and front. The Light Base series also support motherboards with backside connector design, like Asus BTF, Gigabyte Project Stealth, and MSI Project Zero.

Light Base 900 DX is the standard version that comes without fans. It offers space to two 420mm radiators at the same time and includes a 1.5m ARGB LED strip for great lighting effects. For those who want to go all the way, Light Base 900 FX adds four Light Wings 140mm PWM fans for high airflow and quiet operation. Unique are the reverse fan blades for the side fans, so the visually pleasing front side of the fan is directed towards the user.

Light Base 600 DX is the smaller sibling of the Light Base 900, offering the same gorgeous panoramic view on your components, flexibility in layout (left, right, horizontal), and support for motherboards with backside connectors. The smaller footprint still allows for radiators up to 360mm and the case includes an ARGB LED strip for immersive lighting. Where Light Base 600 DX does not include pre-installed fans, Light Base 600 LX includes four brand-new, pre-installed Light Wings LX 140mm PWM fans (see below). As with the Light Base 900 FX, the side fans feature reverse fan blades for better aesthetics.

Light Loop 360mm/240mm: Peak performance and lighting

Light Loop 360mm and Light Loop 240mm are be quiet!'s brand-new high-performing All-in-One (AIO) water cooling units with an uniquely illuminated cooling block, aimed at users with heavily overclocked systems. Its stylish cooling block integrates 16 ARGB LEDs and is combined with Light Wings LX PWM high-speed-fans for lots of illumination options. Light Loop uses a state-of-the-art pump with progressive IC as well as a specially designed jet plate and cold plate for superior performance, resulting in extremely high cooling performance for all consumer CPUs. Light Loop AIO coolers come bundled with an ARGB-PWM-hub for up to 6 ARGB devices and fans, and the included coolant refill bottle guarantees a long lifespan. As a first for be quiet!, Light Loop 360mm and Light Loop 240mm come in two different colors: black and white.

Light Wings LX: Particularly suited for color-rich ARGB builds

Following in the trails of the wildly successful Light Wings, be quiet! now announces the Light Wings LX fan series. Light Wings LX boasts an illuminated hub and optimized, frosted fan blades for great performance and lighting. The 16 LEDs allow for multiple colors and illumination modes, and the ARGB-connection can be daisy-chained for better ease-of-use. Light Wings LX comes in four versions: 120mm PWM, 120mm PWM high-speed, 140mm PWM, and 140mm PWM high-speed, and all models are available in black (single and triple packs) and white (triple packs only). Finally, all high-speed models include a closed loop motor that keeps the RPM constant, no matter the air resistance. In other words: Light Wings LX takes your system to the next level.

Dark Rock 5: Combining extremely high cooling with high compatibility

Dark Rock 5 is the compact embodiment of extremely high cooling performance and high compatibility. With effortless installation and silent fans, it is designed for passionate gamers of all kinds. Its asymmetrical design and cut-outs on the heat sink guarantee a high RAM and VRM cooler compatibility, while 6 copper heat pipes and a Silent Wings 4 120mm PWM fan provide perfect cooling at a virtually inaudible operation. The nickel-plated copper base is compatible with liquid metal thermal grease. And the Dark Rock 5 looks great too, with its special black coating with ceramic particles and magnetic mesh top cover.

Pure Power 12: Exceptional quiet, superior features

Pure Power 12 shares most of its name with the award-winning Pure Power 12 M and can be seen as its fixed-cable version with similar performance. Pure Power 12 is be quiet!s first series with full support for ATX 3.1 and PCIe 5.1, offering 80 PLUS Gold efficiency and an exceptionally silent 120mm fan. This combination of best-in-class features and an attractive retail price make it a perfect power supply for your silent PC builds, office applications and home theater systems. Pure Power 12 comes in 1000W, 850W, 750W, 650W and 550W.

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