Be quiet! Presents Shadow Wings 2 and Pure Wings 2

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be quiet! presents its latest cooling fans the Shadow Wings 2 ultra-quiet cooling fans and Pure Wings 2 with high-speed models. Both the Shadow Wings 2 and Pure Wings 2 are available in 120mm and 140mm variants. Both are now available at partner resellers worldwide. Watch product presentation video below to learn more.

Be quiet! Shadow Wings 2: Quiet and solid cooling

The be quiet! Shadow Wings 2 is a slowly spinning and highly optimized case fan and the most silent fan series in the be quiet! line-up. It relies on an array of features to keep its noise level as low as only 15.9 dB(A) at maximum speed. Airflow-optimized fan blades provide reliable cooling and whisper-quiet operation. A new anti-vibration mounting system and rubberized fan frame ensure easy installation and decoupling from the case frame. High-grade rifle bearing technology guarantees a lifespan of up to 80,000 hours. Shadow Wings 2 comes in 120mm and 140mm sizes, with 3-pin connectors or PWM control. Maximum rotational speed for the 120mm models is 1,100 rpm, and 900 rpm for its 140mm sibling.

Pure Wings 2 high-speed: Higher cooling performance

be quiet!s Pure Wings 2 offers an extremely versatile fan with a great price-performance ratio. High air pressure makes this fan the perfect choice for water-cooling radiators, heatsinks or as a performance-oriented case fan. The versatility of Pure Wings 2 is evident from its integration in several other be quiet! products such as air and water coolers as well as the Silent Base and Pure Base chassis series. Nine airflow-optimized fan blades reduce noise-generating turbulence and ensure high airflow while high-quality rifle bearings guarantee a long lifetime of up to 80,000 hours. Users demanding even higher cooling performance can now opt for high-speed versions of Pure Wings 2. Available in 120mm and 140mm versions with 3-pin or PWM connectors, these offer higher rotational speeds up to 2,000 rpm (120mm), or 1,600 rpm (140mm). Even at full speed, the maximum noise level is no higher than 37.3 dB(A).

Pricing and Availability
The be quiet! Shadow Wings 2 and Pure Wings 2 are now available worldwide. See pricing below:

Shadow Wings 2 (120mm): 15.90 / 12.99 / $15.90
Shadow Wings 2 (120mm PWM): 16.90 / 13.99 / $16.90
Shadow Wings 2 (140mm): 17.90 / 14.99 / $17.90
Shadow Wings 2(140mm PWM): 18.90 / 15.99 / $18.90
Pure Wings 2 (120mm): 12.50 / 8.99 / $12.50 (120mm)
Pure Wings 2 (120mm PWM): 12.90 / 9.49 / $12.90
Pure Wings 2 (140mm): 13.50 / 9.99 / $13.50
Pure Wings 2 (140mm PWM): 13.90 / 10.49 / $13.90

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