Be Quiet! Presents White Cases and Fans Alongside 12V-2x6 and 12VHPWR 90 Cables at CES 2024

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be quiet! joins CES 2024 and presents its latest products including the white version of the flagship Dark Base Pro 901 chassis and the Dark Base 701. Be quiet! also presents the Silent Wings Pro 4 white and Silent Wings 4 white cooling fans. Lastly, new 12V-2x6 and 12VHPWR 90 cables for ATX 3.1 be quiet! PSUs unveiled. Be quiet will also be upgrading its current active ATX 3.0 PSU lineup to the latest ATX 3.1 standard.

Dark Base Pro 901 White

The be quiet! Dark Base Pro 901 is the successor to Dark Base Pro 900. As the new be quiet! flagship case, it is the epitome of a flexible, yet user-friendly case with innovative solutions and state-of-the-art features. Especially in terms of convenience Dark Base Pro 901 made a huge leap forward, with an easier inversion process and a significant reduction of screws and small parts. Now also available in white!

Key Features
> Removable sound-dampening panels in the top and interchangeable front panel for either maximum airflow or virtually inaudible operation.
> Subtle ARGB lighting in the front and the PSU Shroud.
> Fan and radiator brackets with integrated fan hub in front and top make installation a breeze.
> Equipped with 3x Silent Wings 4 White 140mm PWM high-speed fans for a virtually inaudible operation and high performance.
> Touch-sensitive I/O panel for state-of-the-art operation
> Generous dimensions ensure support for up to E-ATX motherboards and radiators up to 420mm
> Supports vertical graphics card installation with an advanced GPU holder to prevent the sagging of large graphics cards.
> Versatile motherboard tray for an inverted layout option.

Launch Date: March 2024
MSRP: $299.90 / 319.90

Dark Base 701 White

The be quiet! Dark Base 701 takes a full-performance approach, with mesh covers, improved airflow and radiator support up to 360mm. It supports vertical GPU installation and an inverted motherboard layout. Now also available in white.

Key Features
> Open mesh design for the highest airflow and performance.
> Exceptional usability with easily accessible features such as removable fan- and radiator brackets at the top and front.
> Equipped with 3x Silent Wings 4 White 140mm PWM high-speed fans offer maximum performance.
> Tempered clear glass side window allowing a superb view of the PC components.
> Cable routing channels for professional cable management and a neat interior.
> Versatile motherboard tray for an inverted layout option.

Launch Date: March 2024
MSRP: $239.90 / 239.90

Silent Wings Pro 4 White & Silent Wings 4 White

The Silent Wings 4 fan series is the epitome of high-performance fans with first-class features. Technically optimized on every level, Silent Wings 4 fans are suited for high-end PC builds as radiator fans, fans for heat sinks and case fans alike. All feature a mounting corner for push-pins and screws. On top of that, Silent Wings Pro 4 features an additional radiator mounting corner that seals off air leaks, a speed switch with 3 settings and a higher maximum rpm (up to 3,000). The white version of the Silent Wings 4 series is only available with PWM connector.

Key Features
> Optimized fan blades for the highest performance on radiators and heat sinks.
> Small tip clearance and a fan frame with funnel-shaped air outlets for extremely high air pressure.
> Elegant and understated look with high-grade fan sticker in a white design with lightgray logo print.
> Very silent operation.
> 6-pole fan motor and fluid-dynamic bearing for less vibration and very smooth operation.
> Anti-vibration mounting with push pins and screwed installation option included.
> Super-long lifespan of up to 300,000 hours.

Key Features Exclusive to Silent Wings Pro 4 White
> Speed switch allows changing maximum PWM speed between medium-speed, high-speed and ultra-high-speed (140mm: up to 2,400 rpm; 120mm: up to 3,000 rpm).
> Radiator mounting corners included.
> High-grade PWM connector for easy plug-in and plug-out.

Launch: March 2024
Silent Wings 4 White 120mm PWM / PWM high-speed: $23.90 / 24.90
Silent Wings 4 White 140mm PWM / PWM high-speed: $24.90 / 25.90
Silent Wings Pro 4 White 120mm PWM: $31.90 / 32.90
Silent Wings Pro 4 White 140mm PWM: $32.90 / 33.90

Pure Wings 3 White

Pure Wings 3 are the mainstream fans of be quiet! and offer everything demanding gamers need for their system. Be it high air pressure of quiet operation with very low minimum RPM:
Pure Wings 3 suits both applications perfectly. Pure Wings 3 White is only available with PWM connector and the high-speed models feature closed-loop motor technology that ensures the fan speed always stays on the same level, despite the resistance the fans are facing during operation.

Key Features
> Innovative closed loop motor keeps the rpm, no matter the resistance (PWM highspeed models only).
> Optimized fan frame for outstanding performance on radiators.
> Newly designed fan blades and re-arranged angle for extraordinary air pressure.
> All Pure Wings 3 White fans be operated with very low minimum rpm for very quiet operation.
> Long life rifle bearing gives an operating lifetime of 80,000 hours.

Launch: February 2024 (USA: End of January)
Pure Wings 3 White 120mm PWM / PWM high-speed: $10.90 / 13.90
Pure Wings 3 White 140mm PWM / PWM high-speed: $12.90 / 14.90

12V-2x6 / 12VHPWR 90 Cable

The sleek and all-black 12V-2x6 / 12VHPWR 90 Cable comes with an angled connector on one side for easier cable management with any ATX 3.1 be quiet! power supply. A perfect blend of aesthetics and function with single sleeves. Of course, the cable also works with ATX 3.0 power supplies. be quiet! will upgrade their current ATX 3.0 PSU series to ATX 3.1 and new models for any of the be quiet! main PSU series will also follow the latest standard.

Launch: January 2024, shortly after CES
MSRP: $16.90 / 19.90

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