Be Quiet Reveal New Pure Wings And SilentWings Models

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅08.06.2015 15:18:31

Not content with their promising new chassis, the Silent Base 600, be quiet! also revealed a pair of new fan designs at Computex2015 last week.

SilentWings 3

SilentWings 3 is the next generation of the SilentWings fan range, targeting higher performance without compromising the low noise profile of earlier models. To achieve this Silent Wings 3 graduates to a 6-pole, three-phase motor, the first consumer-class chassis fan to do so. These motors are more efficient than the more common 4-pole, single phase design (no bad thing in of itself), and (if high-end three-phase designs are any indication) may also reduce vibration and offer smoother, more continuous operation.

Changes don't stop there. Blade profiles have been adjusted and the intake has been modified to a 'funnel' shape, resulting in a flow of air which is more of a directional 'stream' than previous models. With a Silent Wings 3 therefore you're better able to bias your active cooling to critical components such as the GPU or passively cooled Southbridge, and generally have better interior air flow.

The fan mounting mechanism has been redesigned to further reduce vibration, and truly low-noise builds will also be pleased to hear that they now have a low stating voltage of just 4V. An improved IC with more capacitors should also see lower switching noise. By implication the fans are obviously intended to be great for water-cooling, but no doubt should be well suited to air cooling too.

It's subtle, but the funnel intake shape is visible here

Be quiet! are aiming for a September 2015 launch for both PWM and non-PWN versions. Preliminary pricing is as follows:

- 120mm : 21 (MSRP)
- 140mm : 22.90 (MSRP)

- 120mm : 20 (MSRP)
- 140mm : 21.90 (MSRP)

Pure Wings 2 PWM

The Pure Wings 2 PWM is likely to be outwardly identical to the non-PWM version (shown above)

Joining the SilentWings 3 is the new Pure Wings 2 PWM, a variant of the Pure Wings 2 with 4-pin PWM control. Adding PWM is such an obvious choice for bequiet's mainstream fan design that it almost makes you wonder why they didn't do it sooner, but they've justified the wait by incorporating a new IC for low noise switching compared to their previous PWM designs.

The Pure Wings 2 is also set to launch this September, with pricing TBD.

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