BenQ Introduces ZOWIE ZONE Complete Gaming Solution

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅10.01.2017 18:58:59

BenQ unveils the ZOWIE ZONE — a complete eSports experience and gaming solution. It has always been ZOWIE’s goal to provide the best gaming experience that will enable enthusiasts and gamers to bring out their best by providing the most comfortable gaming solution possible. The ZOWIE ZONE aims to do just that by providing a complete package for competitive gamers that will allow them to step up to their highest performance level. Watch the overview video below.

Key Features of the ZOWIE ZONE
Stability – the ZOWIE ZONE’s foundation is its rock-solid hardware and software that offers superb reliability and consistent in-game performance in all competitive gaming titles that ensures any competitive gamer the best conditions to achieve the best results.

Comfort – the ZOWIE ZONE complete gaming solution allows the user to tweak settings, height adjustments and angles of the display, table, and everything that would be adjusted just to achieve the most comfortable setup.

Convenient – ZOWIE ZONE has easily accessible ports and control panel the user can reach and use in a jiffy.

Easy to Use – ZOWIE maintains the core principle of plug-and-play to all of ZOWIE’s products as the click of the button powers up the entire system and sets it ready for battle.


The ZOWIE ZONE will advance the convenience to a next level as ZOWIE is currently working on an intuitive UI that enables players to fine tune the audio and monitor settings without pushing monitor buttons and, instead, controlling it all using the keyboard and mouse. This feature will be available to the market at a later stage. This ultimate and complete gaming setup will only be available for gaming centers. You will be able to get the first-hand experience with ZOWIE ZONE in events we support and also in gaming centers spread across the world that focus on competitive gaming.

Visit the ZOWIE ZONE page for more details.

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