Bequiet! Reveals Three Upcoming Products

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅12.06.2014 15:32:19


Be quiet! the market leader for PC power supplies in Germany for eight successive years*, introduced three new products at Computex 2014 in Taipei that all become available later this year. Included is a first for the German PSU market leader with a PC case of its own. Further product novelties from the be quiet! range on show were the premium PSU series Straight Power 10 and the entry-level CPU cooler Pure Rock.

PC case packed with well known be quiet! features

More than 18 months were invested by be quiet! in the development of its new PC housing, with which the company gains a foothold in a new market segment. Consistent with its brand image, the ideas behind the new be quiet! housing are a perfect combination of cooling performance, noise reduction and practical handling. All this under the guiding principle: "form follows function". The result is a clean and authentic design, fully equipped with outstanding features. Specially shaped vents at the top and bottom resist the escape of noise while permitting an optimal flow of air. All the panels are further padded with a new type of noise-insulation material. Noise prevention was one of the most important focus for the developers.

The HDD cages are fitted with silicon runners that absorb vibrations, as a further example. Flexibility and user-friendliness were also important goals during development. According to cooling needs, the side panels may be closed, partly opened or completely opened. A practical cable management system keeps the chassis tidy, while promoting an unhindered flow of air and further boosting the cooling performance. Three models will be available: all black, black/orange and black/silver. The first be quiet! PC housings will be available from October 2014 for 119.90 euros (MSRP).

Straight Power 10 is even quieter than its predecessor

Innovations are also to be found in the premium tier of the power supply segment. To prove this be quiet! presented its new premium PSU series Straight Power 10 at Computex 2014, which operates even quieter than the very low noise levels its precursor series is famous for. This feat is achieved by the built-in 135 millimeter Silent Wings 3 fan, which in addition to optimized fan blades possesses an innovative frame design. The optimized funnel-shape of the fan inlet design in the power supply housing further facilitates higher air flow. The new six-pole motor reduces both the energy consumed and vibration. A variant is planned with cable management that will be available in wattage classes 800W, 700W, 600W and 500W. As a PSU without cable management, be quiet! will offer Straight-Power-10 in classes 700W, 600W, 500W and 400W. In comparison with its precursor, each model of the new series results in a performance improvement of 20 watts. Straight Power 10 is planned to be available in September 2014. The MSRP of each model is identical to the precursor series.

Pure Rock is the name of the new entry-level CPU cooler by be quiet!

A further new be quiet! product is Pure Rock. The CPU cooler occupies the entry-level section of the be quiet! product portfolio, but nevertheless provides good performance and a wide scope of delivery. Included in the package with the cooler weighing 660 grams is a 120 millimeter fan from the Pure Wings 2 series. The new mounting system allows the cooler to be completely mounted from above - and is fully compatible with both Intel and AMD chips. Despite their compact dimensions, its six-millimeter thick heat pipes provide a powerful cooling efficiency, and maximum noise of 26.8 dB(A) under conditions of full utilization. Pure Rock will be available in Q4 of 2014 for around 30 euros (MSRP).