Better Than Leather? Noblechairs' Black Edition Upholsters their Gaming Chairs with an All-New Material

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In a ongoing effort to improve comfort, especially during long-term gaming sessions, noblechairs are today releasing all-new ‘Black Edition’ variants for their popular EPIC, ICON and HERO chair series. This premium update upholsters the chairs with a German man-made hybrid material that looks and feels like real leather, but has even more effective airflow, comfort and durability.

The augmented lineup launches under the tag-line 'Always Breathing', reflecting the core properties of the new material (rather than a slightly sinister sound-effect). It's highly breathable - without needing perforations - and boasts a soft feel which noblechairs claim to be akin to napa leather, to the extent that it's difficult to distinguish between the two by touch alone. Water permeability is also a critical aspect of the material, reducing sweat build-up and maintaining the comfort of users for longer.

Durability, however, has not been sacrificed. Tear proof, durable, abrasion resistant, hydrolysis resistant, fire resistant and easy to clean, it also will not discolour when exposed to sunlight.

noblechairs' Black Edition material is also more animal and environmentally friendly than traditional alternatives. As an entirely man-made product it's 100% vegan friendly for those concerned by that ethical dilemma, the production process has a low emission footprint due to the responsible use of energy, and its raw materials are solvent-free and free of Phthalates (a plasticizer with known health concerns). Other gaming chairs frequently use PVC, an oil-based product requiring large amounts of energy to manufacture, making their production heavily reliant on fossil fuels. And of course dioxins are a known by-product of PVC production, a compound which is toxic to humans and animals alike.

noblechairs Black Edition material properties

In other aspects the EPIC, ICON and HERO Black Edition models retain the features which have made those series award-winning options for gamers across Europe, with just a few tweaks that reflect progress in design and manufacturing.

Key Features

- Unique breathable vinyl upholstery
- Manufactured in Germany
- Brushed aluminium front
- Combines the comfort of real leather with the durability of PU leather
- New stainless steel grips
- Improved armrests with metallic belt pass-throughs
- Permeable to air and water vapour
- Extremely Durable Material

Price and Availability

noblechairs EPIC and ICON 'Black Edition' models are available to pre-order from Overclockers UK at an MSRP of £374.99. The HERO 'Black Edition' is only slightly more upmarket at £399.99. Each is considerably more affordable than the premium leather upholstered variant, and so warrant serious consideration if noblechairs' claims are realistic.

More information on the entire noblechairs lineup, including accessories and more technical information, can be found at

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