BioShock Infinite's First DLC Revealed

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅31.07.2013 02:33:20

Irrational Games have announced their first Story DLC for BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea. Set in a pre-Fall Rapture - the ghastly under-water setting of the original BioShock - the newly released trailer heavily implies a Film Noir more suited to a post-WWI timing.

Released in two parts, Episode One will follow Booker as he explores a Rapture rebuilt in the Infinite engine, also hopefully bringing back the original's non-linear level design. Also a feature will be some of the combat and gameplay elements from BioShock which were perhaps a little lacking in Infinite, where they took a back seat to the story. In theory this should mean Plasmids and a wider weapon selection, although we'll no doubt lose out on the Skylines dynamic.

In Burial At Sea: Episode Two Elizabeth will for the first time be a playable character. Irrational state that she will "seek to bring closure to her story," but closure or not fans have been itching to play Elizabeth rather than have her as a relatively passive side-kick. Perhaps Booker will be her wingman this time around.

Irrational had a near instant hit on their hands with BioShock Infinite, the latest installment of the bestselling franchise. It was met with rave reviews, including our own, primarily for its fantastic realisation of the world of Columbia and well written story; however whilst DLC was promised it has taken a while to appear. It appears that Burial At Sea will place a new twist on the BioShock Infinite story, playing up the main characters whilst also telling more of the backstory of Rapture and hopefully showing how the city-under-the-sea declined so drastically and quickly.

The DLC isn't immediately available unfortunately. To tide Season Pass owners over till their arrival Irrational have also just released Clash In The Clouds. Comprised of an arena challenge and map pack, the DLC adds achievements and unlocks for the combat enthusiast. It's currently available from Steam and the XBOX marketplace.

Clash In The Clouds can be purchased for $4.99, whilst Burial At Sea: Episodes 1 & 2 can each be picked up for $14.99 when they release. A Season Pass for all three DLC packs can still be purchased for $19.99.

For more information as they reveal it visit Irrational Games

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