BIOSTAR Announces iMiner A588X8D2 Pre-Built Mining Rig

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅28.02.2022 11:12:26
Press Release

BIOSTAR introduces another cryptocurrency mining-oriented product and announces the iMiner A588X8D2 pre-built mining system equipped with eight (8) AMD Radeon RX 580 graphics cards for cryptocurrency mining. The BIOSTAR iMiner A588X8D2 is pre-assembled by BIOSTAR offering a plug-and-play mining capability that can be easily integrated into existing mining operations.

Packed with blockchain-grade high-end hardware, the BIOSTAR iMiner A588X8D2 delivers an ETH hash rate of 232 MH/s (5%). Powered by an Intel Celeron G4900 processor and an 8GB DDR4 memory, the iMiner A588X8D2 mining rig system can run Windows, Linux, or HiveOS. BIOSTAR did not specify if the system is using one of the previously released mining motherboards.

Supports Major Cryptocurrencies
The BIOSTAR iMiner A588X8D2 system supports most major cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, ETC, RVN, ERG, Etc, further opening up a viable path for even inexperienced users to start a crypto mining operation without all the hassles of sorting out and assembling the hardware.

BIOSTAR guarantees availability in large quantities for any interested parties. It is a great opportunity for mining enthusiasts and professionals to get their hands on professionally assembled mining equipment in bulk. For more information on pricing and availability, contact BIOSTAR support.

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