BIOSTAR Announces Intel 500 Series Motherboards

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅11.01.2021 23:51:16
Press Release

BIOSTAR today announces the launch of their latest 500 series motherboard range designed to run Intelís 11th gen Rocket Lake-S processors. Starting 2021 strong, BIOSTAR unveils the first set of motherboards rolling out of their factories. Designed to run the latest Intel 11th gen processors, BIOSTARís 500 series motherboard range consists of 6 new mainboards engineered with form and functionality suited for many use cases.



Introducing a brand-new product range dubbed as the BIOSTAR VALKYRIE Series, the Z590 VALKYRIE (ATX) and the Z590i VALKYRIE (Mini-ITX) motherboards are a first look at what will be BIOSTAR’s flagship motherboard label. Showcasing premium design elements with bleeding-edge functionality these motherboards are born to be the new kings of the enthusiast-grade motherboards in the industry.

Adorning new battle colors of gold and pink, accented on a matt black PCB with an all-new armor style cover design, the BIOSTAR Z590 VALKYRIE motherboards are truly a sight to behold. Heat dissipation is the name of the game as the VALKYRIE motherboards are masterfully engineered to run cool under any stress, features like a full copper metal-based heatsink in the bottom of both motherboards provide excellent passive cooling capability further boosting its system's active cooling capacity.

Coming in two form factors of ATX and Mini-ITX, the Z590 VALKYRIE boards are game ready with features such as PCIe 4.0 that can support the latest and greatest graphics cards as well as many other functionalities backed by BIOSTARís amazing 22-phase power delivery technology.



BIOSTARís RACING series motherboard range gets a fresh new look this year, with an all-new semi-covered armor design. It is engineered to look cool and be cool, armed with pure copper parts, the new RACING series motherboards are ready to passively dissipate any excess heat.

The RACING Z590GTA (ATX) and RACING B560GTQ (Micro-ATX) motherboards come in a black PCB layout accented by a grey and tiffany blue color scheme adding great flair to BIOSTARís popular RACING motherboard range.

Fan-favorite functions like VIVID LED DJ, BIOSTAR RGB SYNC, and LED ROCK ZONE have repeated their presence in this generation of RACING series motherboards with added improvements to their stability with BIOSTARís proprietary 14-phase power delivery technology. Gamers and content creators can look forward to BIOSTARíS all-new RACING 500 series motherboards as they are truly the best in business.

The BIOSTAR H510MH/E 2.0 (Micro-ATX) and the H510MX/E 2.0 (Micro-ATX) are the last two motherboards of BIOSTARís new Intel 500 series product range. Designed with casual consumers and office users in mind, the H510MH/E 2.0 and the H510MX/E 2.0 motherboards are the latest iterations of BIOSTARís highly sought-after H-series business class motherboard line. Hailed among many industry professionals as highly reliable and cost-efficient, BIOSTAR prides itself in being the best in business for their product quality and durability and these two new motherboards are no exception. The H510MH/E 2.0 and the H510MX/E 2.0 motherboards are top of the list choices for office workstations as well as HTPC and SI, adding great value for users looking to upgrade to Intelís latest 11th gen processors as a solid platform.

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