BIOSTAR Announces RACING Z590GTA and RACING B560GTQ Motherboards

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅27.01.2021 10:53:08
Press Release

BIOSTAR announces the launch of their new RACING series Z590GTA and B560GTQ motherboards designed to run the latest Intel 11th gen Rocket Lake-S processors. Based on Intel's latest Z590 and B560 chipsets, the RACING Z590GTA and the RACING B560GTQ motherboards from BIOSTAR are sleek and refined. Caring down BIOSTAR’s proud RACING label, the new RACING series motherboards are designed with a fresh new look with the RACING Z590GTA coming in a full ATX form factor while the RACING B560GTQ motherboard designed in a Micro-ATX form.


When it comes to power delivery and safety features, the RACING Z590GTA motherboard uses features like BIOSTAR’s proprietary 14-phase power design, the use of 20K Hours Durable Solid Capacitors together with features like Tough Power Connectors make it extremely safe from any electrical mishaps. Furthermore, BIOSTAR’s Digital PWM technology makes sure all the components of the motherboard are supplied with stable power with faster transient performance, adding extra durability and longevity to the system.

The RACING Z590GTA motherboard is engineered to run dual-channel DDR4 memory across 4 DIMM slots with support up to 128GB with the capability of up to 5000+(OC). Additionally, features like PCIe 4.0 add extra versatility to the motherboard, providing the best platform to support the latest Nvidia or AMD graphics cards that enable high refresh rate graphic performance.


The RACING B560GTQ motherboard is powered by a 12-phase power design carrying 10K Hours Durable Capacitors extremely efficient in delivering stable power across all electrical components with long-lasting durability. The RACING B560GTQ motherboard also comes with the Digital PWM technology and BIOSTAR’s proprietary 2.5Guard technology much like its bigger brother providing ample protection to its connected components from electrical surges.

The RACING B560GTQ supports up to 128GB of DDR4 memory and up to 4000+ boost clock speeds. Furthermore, the RACING B560GTQ also has the latest PCIe 4.0 port capable of running the latest and greatest graphics cards in the market with ease even with its smaller Micro-ATX form factor when compared to the RACING Z590GTA’s larger full ATX size.

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