BIOSTAR Now Supports Razer Chroma Ecosystem

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅22.05.2019 18:31:05

BIOSTAR announces support for the Razer Chroma ecosystem with the RACING Series motherboards. Razer peripherals and components that use the Razer Chroma intelligent lighting system can now be synchronized using the BIOSTAR VIVID LED DJ. The updated VIVID LED DJ application now has Razer Chroma integrated on it, clicking the Razer logo will launch the Razer Synapse 3. Now, you can fully create and customize a BIOSTAR Racing Series motherboard-powered gaming PC with Razer peripherals and components with synchronized RGB lighting.

How To Activate Razer Chroma

Step 1. Download RACING GT EVO.
Step 2. Download RAZER Synapse3. ( )
Step 3. Run RACING GT EVO.
Step 4. Click RAZER button which is below the LED COMMANDER tap.
Step 5. Log in or sign up a RAZER account.
Step 6. After login, click CHROMA STUDIO which is between CHROMA CONNECT and CHROMA VISUALIZER.

After the steps above, you can now connect and customize your Razer peripherals and synchronize RGB lighting with the rest of your system. You can also download and enable exclusive Razer Chroma effects with supported game titles for added gaming effects.

Razer Chroma is fully compatible with Intel and AMD BIOSTAR Racing Series motherboards. Learn more about BIOSTAR’s Razer Chroma support and compatible RACING Series motherboards here:

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