BIOSTAR Preparing To Release A New Hi-Fi Mainboard

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅11.08.2014 12:23:34

Despite a recent and fairly comprehensive launch new Intel Z97-based motherboard models continue to make their way to the market from all manufacturers, and BIOSTAR are no different. Their latest is the Z97Z7 and will be a member of their still developing Hi-Fi range, continuing a recent trend of incorporating higher durability components and improving audio quality in their consumer motherboards.

As the name suggests the Hi-Fi Z97Z7 makes use of BIOSTAR's Hi-Fi Audio Technology. Exclusive to BIOSTAR motherboards, the technology combines hardware (in the form of "ground-isolation circuit design", "independent audio power", and "a built in on-board amplifier") and software for a more pleasing surround-sound experience and signal clarity.

Super Rapid Debug3, Super Durable Box Headers, Super Durable Solid Capacitors and Super Durable Ferrite Chokes are among the features which BIOSTAR have incorporated into the Z97Z7 to improve overall durability and stability. As a Z97 motherboard it supports Intel Haswell and Haswell Refresh CPUs, including the flagship Core i7-4790K.

In addition to the headline features it's unsurprising that BIOSTAR's latest offers exactly what you should expect from a quality Z97 motherboard. Those who make use of Intel HD Graphics can take advantage of resolutions up to 4K via HDMI, or three screens via the three video outputs. Naturally dual-GPU SLI/CrossfireX configurations are also supported, but in a less common move both M.2 and SATA Express storage connectors are available.

Finally, the colour scheme is worthy of a mention. BIOSTAR are perhaps best known for their very colourful designs, but in the case of the Z97Z7 have chosen a much more restrained black and dark gold livery. That may disappoint some potential users but in general should be far more palatable to Western tastes.

There's currently no information on exact pricing or release date.

Source: via Press Release

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