Bioware Offer 2-Factor Authenticator For SW:TOR Accounts

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅13.12.2011 18:28:33

Having your account compromised is a rage-inducing situation, but many MMO players think that by some mystical factor known only to them (they rolled a Sith perhaps) they're immune. It's only when they log-in naked and broke in their capital city that they realise their hubris - anyone's account can be hacked, at any time. Two-factor Authentication for account log-in, by way of a keyfob or smartphone application, is an excellent means of providing additional protection beyond a regular username/password system; the low cost of implementation has made it ubiquitous for MMO's. It doesn't immunise you to all the methods which may be used against you, but helps nonetheless.

No surprise therefore that Bioware are including the option of 2-factor authentication for players in their Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO, but as a nice bonus are also providing perks to those who go to the trouble of using it - very much a win-win on both sides. SW:TOR Authentication will utilise Security Keys, either via keyfob ('Physical') or smartphone ('Electronic'), and when registered will also allow access to a speciality vendor selling vanity items*. The process for entering your Security Key is simple: both methods generate a unique one-use code that you input when logging in.

The Physical version will be shipped with the Collectors Edition (non-Digital), is available from EA's Origin store in North America and coming soon to the EU. The Electronic smartphone app version will take a little while before it comes to iTunes and other App Stores; other developers have had similar smartphone apps tested and online within weeks of game launch.

The cost of Physical Security Keys is a little uneven but still worthwhile if you're considering playing long-term: $6.50 in the US, 8.99 in the UK and 12.99 Euro's in the Eurozone. The Smartphone App by contrast should be free of charge and available in English, German and later French.

For more information on SW:TOR Security Keys visit the FAQ.

*For those who were unaware, vanity items are like cocaine to MMO players.

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