BitFenix Introduces Whisper M Series Power Supplies

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BitFenix introduces Whisper M Series premium power supplies with 80 Plus Gold efficiency certification of up to 92% efficiency. The BitFenix Whisper M series ranges in capacities from 450w to 850w with 100w increments. The Whisper M series feature a fully modular design for less clutter and easier cable management. It also features flexible flat black cables to further improve ease of installation. What the product overview video of the BitFenix Whisper M series below.

Key Features
Silent Operation
The BitFenix Whisper M series uses high quality components that provide stable currents and high loads while running silently. The Whisper M power supplies uses an Intelligent Fan Control Curve for the 135mm FDB fan wherein it can spin as slow as 500rpm at 3.5v. The power supply boasts noise levels lower than 18dBA when load is lower than 60% at 25-degrees Celsius.

High Efficiency
The BitFenix Whisper M series is rated at a Power Factor of 0.99 with 80 Plus gold efficiency certification. This promises efficiency and stability and high loads which saves the user energy consumption. The Whisper M series also supports Intel C6/C7 Sleep States and 100-240V (90V min to 264Vmax) Full range AC Input design for worldwide usage.

Dedicated Quad Rail Design
The Whisper M series has a dedicated quad rail design along with an advanced voltage switching circuit from +12V to minor rail. This greatly improves stability and quality of the output voltages. The main quad +12V rails are dedicated for the motherboard and graphics cards (CPU, GPU1 and GPU2 (GPU2 available for 650W and above variants). All the rails are covered with Over Current Protection to avoid damage due to over current. The BitFenix Whisper M series also boast a higher capacity GPU rail(s) to support power-hungry graphics cards.

Fully Modular Design
Builders today are very keen when it comes to aesthetics and would prefer parts that provide better cable management. Hence, BitFenix ensures that with the Whisper M power supplies with flat black cables with good flexibility and length. Along with the BitFenix Alchemy 2.0 CSR kit. The Whisper M can be showcased with high quality single-sleeved cables for enthusiast builds.

Quality and Stability
BitFenix Whisper power supplies uses 100% Japanese Industrial Capacitors which are known for its durability and quality. Hence, compared to standard Japanese capacitors, these are rated to operate with a maximum operating temperature of 105-degrees Celsius. It also reduces ripple and noise down by 35%. The Whisper M power supplies doesn’t only support mainstream systems, it can also support industrial servers, workstations, dual processor setups and extreme overclocking setups.

Industrial Level Protection
BitFenix packs several protection and power regulation to ensure longevity and safeguard of the system including the following below.
Over Current Protection (OCP),
Over Voltage Protection (OVP),
Under Voltage Protection (UVP),
Over Power Protection (OPP)
Short Circuit Protection (SCP),
Over Temperature Protection (OTP)
No Load Operation (NLO),
Surge & Inrush Protection (SIP)

Product Gallery

The BitFenix Whisper M series is covered with a 7-year warranty. Visit the BitFenix website for more details on the Whisper M power supply series.

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