Canon to make Historic Global Announcement

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅16.09.2011 23:53:29

While this doesn't share much information, 'A Global Historic Announcement' is one we could all get excited about. The rumours have spread like butter on a hot bun, from an announcement of a mirrorless camera to a new 'PRO' line with a new standard. There are even rumours about a new lens mount possibly even an INDUSTRY STANDARD lens mount, which would be very big news indeed!

Digital photography is ever evolving with technology but optical physics remain the same. Thus with the natural evolution of mainstream digital camera technology blurring the lines between good old 'point and shoot' and DSLRs to cater for the mainsream desire of greater image quality, new breeds of cameras have been emerging. As more camera types adopt interchangable lenses, it seems almost inevitable that an industry standard will be needed to bring a huge list of benefits to the end user and the industry.

While this may be the work of rumours, it would seem more likely than 4D holography or less far fetched idea of native 3D DSLRs.

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