Cheaper AMD Radeon HD 6950 and 6970 on the way

👤by Alex Hull Comments 📅19.01.2011 19:27:42

A new model of HD 6950 has appeared on a price comparison website here, suggesting that AMD are planning to release 1GB VRAM versions of their new Cayman based graphics cards.

The listing can be found here and shows a reference Sapphire HD 6950 card (11188-01-40G) with identical specifications to the regular cards, except sporting half the amount of memory. The card is priced at around 240 Euros (£200) but since the 2GB versions retail around this area, it can be expected that the price will drop further.

It has also been reported that the HD 6970 will receive this treatment, though further confirmation of this isn't available. The 1GB HD 6950 version would make a lot more sense.

If this is not related to the rumoured VRM redesign, we could have up to 6 different cards based on the Cayman core.

This may be an attempt by AMD to obtain more of the mid-range market share before Nvidia unveils the GTX 560 at the end of this month, if all is well. We should expect the new Cayman card(s) to appear in stock by the end of January too.

Source: FudZilla


The new 1GB HD 6950 has been confirmed by AMD according to one source. The RRP will be $279, making it only $20 cheaper than the normal model; expect it to actually retail for less. UK prices coming soon. The 1GB HD 6950 should be available to ship on the 21st January.

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