Check Those H110i GT's - Corsair Issues Partial Recall

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅19.02.2015 14:40:01

Corsair recently released an updated range of closed loop liquid coolers for GPUs, the top-end of which is the Hydro H110i GT. By all accounts it's a great update to the Hydro series, but a leakage problem has been unearthed which has prompted a recall from resellers.

When unpacked some users of the H110i GT have reported an immediately apparent coolant leak. Ironically temperature appears to be the culprit, with Corsair citing "extremely cold, sub-freezing temperatures during shipment". A design flaw, if there is one, hasn't been directly identified but at this stage the recall is strictly precautionary.

Corsair also reiterate that there have been no reports of such a failure in operation, and that if your unit is faulty it will be obvious before installation. However if you are concerned it's best to contact your reseller or Corsair to return it.

Corsair's statement, via Guru3D, is as follows:

As a precautionary measure, Corsair has recalled the H110i GT from our resellers for screening. Here’s some information about what this means to you.

We discovered that when some units are exposed to extremely cold, sub-freezing temperatures during shipment, they can leak small amounts of coolant.
This problem can be immediately identified when the box is opened as some users noticed small drops of coolant in the plastic bag surrounding the unit.
If there has been no coolant leaked in the package, the unit should operate normally and with no problems.

Though we have seen no failures of units during operation, and have tested units in a wide variety of conditions to verify they have not leaked once installed, we understand that this can be disconcerting. If you have purchased this product and have a concern, please contact your reseller or Corsair directly to return the product. We will likely not have replacement units available for six weeks, as the entire recall, screening, and remanufacturing process takes significant shipping time.

Thank you for purchasing Corsair, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Source: Guru3D

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