CHERRY Introduces CHERRY KEYS Free Software Tool

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅20.11.2019 22:44:45

CHERRY introduces CHERRY KEYS, a free software tool for customizing buttons and functions of keyboards and mice for gaming and productivity use. The CHERRY KEYS software is a simple and straightforward solution to adding macros and commands to your keyboard and mouse from completely custom macros to launching applications and other actions you want to trigger in just one press of a button. The CHERRY KEYS software works with all keyboards and mouse thus best with original CHERRY peripherals.

Programming New Functions Easily

CHERRY KEYS allows users to assign specific functions to individual keys of the keyboard and mouse. The tool is a user-friendly and easy-to-use software that users can customize easily and reprogram within seconds. The CHERRY KEYS software offer a variety of functions including the following below:

- Run program
- Open file/folder
- Open website
- System functions such as logout, standby, locks
- Play recorded macros
- Insert recorded text
- Multimedia functions (e.g. louder/quieter/next/mute/etc.)
- Disable key

Boost Productivity

CHERRY KEYS can be very useful in everyday working life, particularly in workspaces. CHERRY KEYS can be used in different scenarios to make the day-to-day business a lot easier and faster. Some helpful tips include the following below:

- Store frequently used text blocks as an Fn-key shortcut (e.g. "Dear Sir or Madam,");
- Create shortcuts to frequently used web pages, like the company lunch menu or the intranet;
- Add multimedia functions like Play, Pause, Previous and Next to keyboards that lack multimedia keys;
- Launch pre-defined programs such as the mail client or web browser;
- Quickly log off or lock the PC when you're leaving your workstation;
- Add Copy and Paste functionality to your mouse buttons to increase work productivity.

CHERRY KEYS software is now available as a free download for Windows 10 at

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