CHERRY Launches KW 7100 MINI BT and KW 3000 Keyboards

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Press Release

CHERRY today announced the launch of two exciting new keyboards, the CHERRY KW 7100 MINI BT and the CHERRY KW 3000 full-size keyboard. The CHERRY KW 7100 MINI BT is a compact, space-saving wireless keyboard available in three colours. On the other hand, the CHERRY KW 3000 wireless keyboard comes in the popular full-size layout, which includes arrow keys and a number pad.

CHERRY KW 7100 MINI BT: Minimalist multi-device keyboard with focus on flexibility and mobile working.

The CHERRY KW 7100 MINI BT is the perfect compact companion for mobile working. The slim keyboard shines with a particularly minimalist design, multi-device pairing and useful special functions. The in-house CHERRY SX scissor mechanism guarantees maximum precision and ergonomics: the slightly concave-shaped keys enable smooth and quiet typing. With the sustainable transport bag made of recycled plastic, the KW 7100 MINI BT can be taken to any workplace well protected.

Modern connectivity and compact design for mobile working
Flexibility is an important key point of modern workplaces relying on shared desk models, coworking spaces and mobile working. The KW 7100 MINI BT dimensions of 11.60 x 5.10 x 0.60” make it space-saving, compact and particularly portable. The flat height and minimalist style have a decisive advantage compared to full-size models, especially in cramped or constantly changing room situations. An integrated metal plate and fold-out support feet provide extra safety, resilience, and stable typing on any surface. The KW 7100 MINI BT also scores ergonomically: the slim shape ensures a closer position of the mouse arm towards the keyboard.

The compressed keyboard also offers modern technical features that enable a connection with up to three different end devices simultaneously. Bluetooth® 5.1-channels (Low Energy) with AES-128 encryption can be used to connect the keyboard with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as notebooks or tablets. Users can switch between their connected home computer or work laptop just with a simple press of the F1 to F3 keys. The practical blue LEDs on the KW 7100 MINI BT indicate which connection is currently selected.

CHERRY SX scissor mechanism: highest precision for an incomparable writing experience
The compact companion is equipped with the in-house technology CHERRY SX scissor mechanism, guaranteeing precise typing. The comfortable, slightly concave-shaped keys resemble those of a laptop keyboard and enable fluid and fatigue-free typing without disrupting noise. The well-built keys impress with a high longevity of more than 10 million actuations per key. The high-quality key lettering with UV coating is also extremely abrasion-resistant.

Multiple special functions, sustainably packaged
The CHERRY KW 7100 MINI BT also doesn’t skimp on convenience when it comes to special functions: The FN keys not only control the Bluetooth channels, picture control and volume control, but also some multimedia functions. Play, pause or even track selection can be controlled user-friendly via those keys. If these special functions are to be permanently active, the FN key can be permanently locked via CTRL+FN. Visually, practical status LEDs inform the user about the low battery level, activated caps lock and FN lock key as well as the currently used BT channel. The keyboard is rounded off by sustainability in the packaging: The entire package does without plastic thanks to an environmentally friendly paper solution. The included transport bag not only protects the keyboard during transit, but is also sustainably made from recycled plastic.

CHERRY KW 3000: Wireless, easy-to-use full-size keyboard

The CHERRY KW 3000 wireless keyboard comes in the popular full-size layout, which includes arrow keys and a number pad. The keyboard can be installed quickly and easily using plug and play — simply plug the supplied nano USB receiver into the USB port. The wireless 2.4-GHz technology ensures that the connection is almost entirely free from interference and provides a range of up to 32 feet.

The keyboard has a simple and clear layout: In addition to the F1–F12 keys, there are four hotkeys for quick access to calculator, email and browser functions as well as sleep mode. The CHERRY KEYS software can be used to assign your preferred functions to any additional keys and is available to download free of charge. The battery status indicator can be seen at a glance, being located directly above the FN keys.

The keys enable fast, precise and silent typing whilst being extremely durable. With an impressive service life of up to 10 million keystrokes, the CHERRY KW 3000 is a reliable computer accessory for long-term use.

Pricing and Availability
The CHERRY KW 7100 MINI BT is available in three colours - SLATE BLUE, AGAVE GREEN, and CHERRY BLOSSOM at an MSRP of $59.99 / £49.99, coming soon to the Amazon UK CHERRY Store.

The CHERRY KW 3000 is available at Amazon and Amazon UK, online retailers, and resellers with an MSRP of $24.99 / £26.99.

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