CHERRY MW 4500 Ergonomic Wireless Mice With 45° Design

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅14.12.2017 16:55:22

CHERRY introduces the MW 4500 ergonomic mouse featuring a unique 45° design that aims to reduce wrist strain. The CHERRY MW 4500 is an ideal mouse for office and home use. It has an on-the-fly DPI switch, four additional programmable mouse buttons and a battery status indicator to ensure you won’t run out of batteries unexpectedly.

Unique Ergonomics for Improved Wrist Support
The CHERRY MW 4500’s unique design is an extremely ergonomic mouse that relieves wrist tension and reduces fatigue. With its unique shape, the hand rests on the mouse at a 45-degree angle which promotes a more natural posture that prevents the discomfort of the joints and tendons. To further improve comfort, the MW 4500 sports an abrasion-resistant surface.

The CHERRY MW 4500 packs a precise infrared sensor which you can switch in between 1200 DPI, 900 DPI, and 600 DPI on-the-fly. Users can easily tweak settings to cater their preferences. In addition to the two main mouse buttons, there are four other available for input, including the scroll wheel and two side buttons.

Small Nano Receiver and Battery Status Indicator
The CHERRY MW 4500 connects wirelessly using a Nano USB receiver which leaves a very small footprint on any USB port and can easily be stored inside the mice when not in use. A status LED in the lower edge of the mouse informs the user about a low battery.

Pricing and Availability
The CHERRY MW 4500 is available at an MSRP of €30 / $35 / £30. For more information, visit

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