CHERRY MX Experience Box and MX Switch Kit Released

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅12.07.2023 16:49:06
Press Release

CHERRY offers with the new MX Experience Box all currently available switches in an attractive and informative packaging. This benefits not only DIY enthusiasts and collectors but also inexperienced users who want to try out the variety and find out the most pleasant typing characteristics for themselves. In addition, there will be another version of the box: The CHERRY MX Switch Kit contains a total of 23 switches of one kind, which allows users to customize hot-swap keyboards or realize other DIY projects.

CHERRY MX Experience Box

The way to experience all the full-size switches

The CHERRY MX Experience Box offers the perfect overview of CHERRY's entire portfolio of full-size switches and so contains all ten different models. This makes it possible, especially for beginners who are diving into the world of mechanical keyboards for the first time to try out the individual characteristics of the switches and thus find out the desired switching characteristic. The box contains MX RGB Red, MX RGB Speed Silver, MX RGB Silent Red, MX RGB Black, MX RGB Brown, MX RGB Ergo Clear, MX RGB Grey, MX RGB Blue, MX RGB Green, and the MX Black Clear-Top. In addition, the box contains all the important specifications for the switches. Due to the special presentation, the MX Experience Box is also suitable for collectors and enthusiasts who want to expand their private collections.

CHERRY MX Switch Kit

The set for customizing and keyboard builds

The CHERRY MX Switch Kit in the same format, on the other hand, contains 23 single-variety switches. This variant is, for example, aimed at users who want to convert their hot-swap keyboards and even customize or perfect individual areas with different switching characteristics. But the new kit version also gives enthusiasts and DIY users the opportunity to build their own individual keyboards with the first-class CHERRY MX switches or use them in corresponding DIY projects. The MX Switch Kit is offered with MX RGB Red, MX RGB Blue, MX RGB Brown, MX RGB Black, MX RGB Speed Silver, MX RGB Silent Red, MX Black Clear-Top, MX RGB Green, and MX RGB Grey.

Pricing and Availability
Both products are available now in the online store at and later at selected partner shops. The CHERRY MX Experience Box is priced at 9.99. Depending on the variant, the CHERRY MX Switch Kit, on the other hand, is priced at 14.99 and 19.99 respectively.

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