CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB Switches Now Rated For 100 Million Actuations

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Press Release

CHERRY updates the lifespan of the CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB switches extending the rating from 50M to 100M without loss of input quality. This new rating applies to CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB switches shipped since mid-2021. CHERRY conducted extensive internal and external testing to validate this durability claim. The 100 million actuation durability is achieved by optimizing the world-exclusive and technically superior Gold Crosspoint contact system and the unique selection of materials, guaranteeing the switch's permanently consistent quality over many decades.

Uncompromisingly Thin Design
Introduced in 2018, the entirely newly developed CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB switch now positions itself between the MX Standard and the MX Ultra Low Profile in terms of dimensions. Thanks to an overall height of only 11.9 millimeters, modern slim, mechanical keyboard designs for desktop applications can be implemented without compromising switching characteristics and feel. The MX Low Profile RGB is around 35 percent thinner than the standard version but still offers the inimitable typing feel with which the conventional MX switches have already established themselves as the gold standard on the market.

Continuous Improvements To Achieve 100M Actuations
Previously, CHERRY MX guaranteed more than 50 million actuations for the Low Profile switches, but through ongoing, elaborate analyses and quality improvements, the lifetime has been doubled. The Gold Crosspoint contactor help achieve the 100 million actuations. In addition, the bounce time has been reduced to typically less than one millisecond, making it a first-class level. This means that inputs are registered much faster.

Gold Crosspoint Technology
The world-exclusive, high precision, robust Gold Crosspoint technology is mainly responsible for extremely long service life. This unique contact point system is self-cleaning and resistant to corrosion and offers perfect processing quality and unrivalled manufacturing expertise after the update. CHERRY MX is the only switch manufacturer in the world to use a particularly thick gold top layer for its contact system.

The two contact elements in the Gold Crosspoint are gently but stably applied to the contact carrier by a high-precision process using a particular welding diode. As a result, the Gold Crosspoint remains permanently intact and contributes to long-term durability, flawless operation, and reliable contacting at low voltages even under the most adverse conditions.

Choice of Materials
CHERRY MX opted for selected materials that meet the upscale requirements and give the switch the desired characteristics in terms of reliability and durability. The switch retains its integrity even under high temperatures during soldering, ensuring seamless operation even in the event of production fluctuations during keyboard manufacturing. In addition, the material shows zero to insignificant changes over the years or even decades and under the most adverse conditions during storage or transport, for example, on the sea container. This guarantees the tight tolerances even under the most unfavourable conditions. Each MX switch is characterized by the fact that the best properties are always maintained during further processing.

Extensive Internal and External Tests
In 2021, the available capacities were then used to subject the MX Low Profile RGB once again to extended quality tests in the in-house laboratory at the company headquarters in Auerbach (Oberpfalz). In the process, the switch was tested far beyond the standard specifications to determine the maximum lifetime under various conditions. External testing institutes also examined the switch extensively concerning durability and quality. Now that the extensive and highly time-consuming tests have been completed from all sides, it is clear: The MX Low Profile RGB guarantees an extended service life of far more than 100 million actuations without any loss of input quality or change in specifications.

Housing Optimized for RGB Lighting
The CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB is based on a transparent housing designed for use with SMD LEDs. The compact LEDs are located directly on the PCB, which benefits a low-profile keyboard design. The optimized housing design of the low-profile switch with its integrated light guide system ensures uniform illumination of the entire keycap. It allows a luminous display of all 16.8 million colors of the RGB spectrum.

100 million for CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB Red and Speed
Both currently available switch variants of the CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB offer a lifetime of more than 100 million actuations without loss of input quality. The characteristics correspond to those of the standard models with the same color-coding. For example, the CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB Red is designed as a linear switch that offers a pre-travel of 1.2 millimeters and requires an operating force of 45 centinewtons. The CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB Speed also offers similar specifications: This variant also features a linear design that requires an operating force of 45 centinewtons, but its pre-travel is reduced to 1.0 millimeters.

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