CHERRY Unveils the MX Board Silent Mechanical Keyboard

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CHERRY, makers of the world renowned CHERRY MX switches, unveils the CHERRY MX Board Silent mechanical keyboard at the CES 2017. The CHERRY MX Board Silent is based on the G80-3000 keyboard which has proven itself to be reliable over the years. CHERRY combines the proven G80-3000 keyboard design with their new MX Silent switches to create a noise-free edition of the keyboard making it ideal for office use wherein noise is aimed to be at the minimum.

G80-3000 with MX Silent Switches

The CHERRY G80-3000 has been one of the most popular and time-tested mechanical keyboards in the market which has also become a true classic. It remains to be one of the bestsellers today and now CHERRY aims to upgrade this keyboard with the new MX Silent technology. The result is a straightforward and durable keyboard with less noise making it suitable for volume-sensitive environments such as workplaces. CHERRY’s patented noise reduction technology gives the keyboard a tactile feel without the clicking noise, giving the same uncompromising writing performance.

MX Silent Switches

The CHERRY MX Silent-switches have a uniquely shaped rubber pad compared to conventional switches. The integrated 2-component stem reduces audible clicks at the bottom-out and top-out to a minimum. Just like other CHERRY MX switch models, the MX Silent also features a sturdy housing made of plastic polymer, a precise spiral spring, and the unique Gold Crosspoint contact technology. CHERRY guarantees a service life of over 50 million keystrokes for the MX Silent switches.

MX Board Silent available in MX Red or MX Black

The CHERRY MX Board Silent is offered in two versions of noise-reduced MX Silent switches – MX Red and MX Black. Both variants exhibit linear switching characteristics but differ in the required release force: 45 centinewtons for the MX Red Silent and for those who prefer a slightly higher resistance, 60 centinewtons for the MX Black Silent. Like all MX switches, the bounce is less than a millisecond, allowing for precise and instantaneous input.

The CHERRY MX Board Silent mechanical keyboard is only available in international EU layout and colors grey and black for an MSRP of $149. For more information, visit the CHERRY website.

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