Clearest Pictures Yet Of AMD's Next-Gen Fury X

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅15.06.2015 16:55:18

More information continues to be (unofficially) revealed regarding AMD's next generation 'Fury X' GPU ahead of its expected public debut at their E3 press conference. Over the weekend new images were leaked of the card showing it off in all its glory, this time via PC Perspective.

Once again it's striking just how compact the Radeon Fury X is be there appears to have been a few changes since we first saw this cooler design. In contrast to earlier renders the production model has coolant tubes extruding from the rear of the card rather than one side; earlier images indicated tubes connected at the top, presumably ideal for placing the radiator in the rear of the chassis. It's not clear if this will have ramifications on the ideal location for the radiator and fan, but may mean that placing it in the front of the chassis is easier if the top is already occupied with other cooling solutions.

Fury X's radiator and fan assembly is formed to appear as one attractive unit; the fan is outwardly similar to a Scythe Gentle Typhoon, and apparently connected directly to the card rather than a motherboard fan header. Also, both cable and coolant tubes are braided; a boon if you prefer that look in your chassis, and should help with long term durability.

The Fury-X is powered via two 8-pin PCI-E connectors, supplying as much as 375W if ultimately necessary. This higher than normal requirement could partially be put down to powering a more power-hungry cooling solution than normal, but the GPU itself is not exactly likely to be frugal. Remember that the best information available still places the Fiji GPU as a 28nm part, with none of the power savings that would be available in moving down to a (as-yet unavailable) smaller process node.

Overall this second look at the Fury-X, AMD's upcoming flagship, is promising indeed. It's compact, yet still looks pretty good even when photographed in rather non-ideal conditions. Hopefully it can dispel the spectre the R9 290X's loud reference cooler, even if the GPU core is still likely to remain a toasty customer.

More images and discussion can be found at the source.

SOURCE: PC Perspective

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