Club 3D Launches The Worlds First Multi Stream Transport (MST) Hub!

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Club 3D who are well known for their graphics cards today announced the release of the worlds first multi stream transport hub, the MST.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, April 11, 2013 - Display devices have always been an integral part of the PC experience. Whether it is in the form of a desktop monitor, a notebook’s embedded panel, or the touch screen of a PC tablet, display devices play a vital role in defining the user’s visual experience.

Connecting more display devices to existing systems has become increasingly more important. Whether it is for home use, allowing different display devices showing different applications or multimedia, more display devices means more possibilities. Or for corporate use, allowing the productivity per work station to increase drastically if more display devices can be used.

Club 3D are proud to announce the world’s first Multi Stream Transport (MST) Hub!
This practical device is probably the most budget friendly way to add more display devices to existing desktop or mobile systems fitted with a DisplayPort (DP) output.

How does it work?

Simply said, the MST Hub uses the extreme high bandwith signal from a DisplayPort 1.2 output and splits this signal to three separate signals with own DisplayPort outputs. This offers the possibility to quickly and easily add up to 3 VGA, DVI, HDMI or DP display devices to your set-up. The display devices can be connected using passive adapters.
Club 3D offers an extensive range of cables and adapters so you can create any multi display set-up.

Product Features:

•Standards compliance/support:displayport v1.2, displayport v1.1a,VESA DDM
•Standard,HDCP V2.0,DisplayId,and EDID V1.4
•Supports main link rates of 5.4 bps(HBR2),2.7 bps(HBR)and 1.62 bps(RBR) from source
•Supports 1/2/4 lanes of main link for RX side
•Supports three DP++ output port,or two dual-link DVI ports,or the combination of ports
•For DP 1.2 source,supports DP1.2 MST multi video/audio steams
•Supports 1.1 source,supports ViewXpand
•Supports DP-DP Bypass mode
•Supports AUX-CH enables SBM and I2C mapping over AUX between the source/sink and device
•Dedicated I2C slave for main processor to access the device
•Supported output resolution:up to 2560X1600@60Hz each monitor in DP1.2 MST and up to FHD/1080p in DP1.1 or DP 1.2 SST
•Input pixel data depth 6/8/10/12 bits and supports output pixel format RGB444
•The Club 3D MST Hub works best with AMD graphics cards

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