Coolermaster release new gaming mouse - CM Storm Sentinel

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅18.08.2009 11:14:22

The Sentinel Advance brings a wide variety of control over the settings and functionality of your mouse. Sensitivity ranges, rapid fire modes, macros and scripts can be edited through a graphical user interface and saved to five different profiles in the internal memory of the mouse. Profiles and on-the-fly DPI adjustments can be triggered directly on the mouse itself, letting you toggle swiftly between different modes without interrupting your game.

The Octoshade™ LED Technology lets you modify LED colors and light effects for quick visual identification of active profiles, or just for added bling, while the OLED screen allows for customized clan logos to be uploaded and displayed directly on the mouse itself. The Sentinel Advance also features a modularized weight system, which lets you fine-tune the total weight of your mouse in increments of 4.5 grams, with an effective range of 139-161.5 grams.

The 64k Sentinel-X™ internal memory safeguards all your settings, making sure that your mouse acts the same, no matter where you bring it. Set it up once, take it on the road and connect it to other PCs without any need for additional software. Also included is the groundbreaking patented StormGuard™ security solution, which protects your high-end gaming gear from being stolen at LAN-parties or in other public environments.

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