CM Storm Unleash Havoc

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Venlo, The Netherlands, June 18th CM Storm proudly introduces its newest gaming mouse, the Havoc. This mouse has been crafted for gamers who require surgical precision in a mouse, which makes it ideally for everybody who is competing in eSports.

Like on our high-end gaming mouse, the Sentinel Advance II, the CM Storm Havoc is equipped with an Avago 9800 laser sensor that can go up to 8200 high DPI. Sensitivity toggle lets you lower the DPI when using a sniper rifle or make it higher when getting up close and personal with a shotgun.

The 8 buttons have been positioned in very easy to reach locations. These buttons are fully programmable once you downloaded the software from the CM Storm website ( So with the Havoc you can pull out a weapon or cast a spell just as quick as you can click.

The Havoc feels very comfortable when you are using it. Its natural curve, durable rubber coating, large mouse body and ergonomic design all contribute to an immediate feeling of comfort when you are using the Havoc.

Next to all of these features, there are also some other points which make the Havoc one of the top mice on the current market:

The 128 KB of onboard memory that can store up to 4 macros and 5 profiles. This feature is ideally for when you visit friends or a LAN and want to play a different game without accessing the software over and over. Just pre-set your profiles ones and you are good to go!
Durable components like high grade Japanese Omron micro switches, a gold plated USB connector and a 1,8m braided cable ensure the high quality and longevity of the Havoc.

All these features together with the great gaming look make the Havoc a great addition to the growing CM Storm product family.

The CM Storm Havoc will be available from the middle of July for an estimated end-user price of 49,95. For more information visit

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