Cold Storage - Alpenföhn Present The Alptunnel

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅23.03.2015 15:12:09

Cooling specialists Alpenfohn are today releasing something a little different as part of their comprehensive range. Dubbed the Alptunnel, this passive HDD coolers is designed specifically for very high performance mechanical hard drives - i.e. those running at very high speed, temperatures and overall noise level.

Internally its anodised aluminium housing can accommodate a single 3.5" HDD that has a SATA, IDE or SCSI connector. Heat from the HDD is transferred through the pad on which it sits - a pad specifically optimised for heat transfer - to the finned exterior, its high area aiding in overall heat dissipation.

The Alpentunnel can be installed in a suitable 5.25" bay via four decoupled mounting elements, which as a whole isolated the Alpenmtunnel from the rest of the chassis. This in tern reduces structural vibration, and hence overall system noise.

The Alpentunnel is available for a MSRP of €24.90. You can find more information on this other premium cooling products at http://alpenfö