Colorful Float A Passive GTX 680

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅21.06.2012 14:49:01

A question frequently asked on enthusiast forums since the release of low-TDP 28nm GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD is whether such a high-performance GPU could run totally without active cooling. Well, it appears that lesser known (at least in Western markets) brand Colorful will be able to answer the question definitively.

The Colorful GTX 680 iGame bundles two huge heatsinks connected via five 6mm heatpipes and taking advantage of the space taken up by five PCIe slots. Yep, it's totally over the top, but a cool idea nonetheless and certainly enough to perk up the ears of silent computing enthusiasts willing to pay any price for high performance computing.

Sadly, it's not clear if the GTX 680 iGame will make it to market, but we are aware of some passive when idle designs due out in the coming months including the GIGABYTE GTX 680 Super OverClock. Perhaps most intriguingly, the potential for totally passive mid-range cards, maybe even up to the 660/7850 equivalents, will push silent gaming to the masses like never before.

Source: Guru3D

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