COLORFUL Technology Unveils iGame ULTRA Collection in China

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅16.11.2023 15:19:25

COLORFUL Technology just released their new motherboards for the 14th generation Intel Core processors – the iGame Z790D5 FLOW and iGame Z790D5 ULTRA. The release is an effort to sell the motherboards outside China. However, COLORFUL revealed more than just the motherboard for the Chinese market and unveiled a complete set of iGame ULTRA-themed components that includes memory, CPU cooler, PSU, and chassis aside from the already-revealed motherboard and existing line-up of Ultra W Series graphics cards.

iGame Z790 D5 ULTRA Motherboard

The revealed iGame ULTRA collection is a complete set of components to build a working PC less the peripherals and monitor – a motherboard, memory, power supply unit, CPU cooler, chassis, fans, and graphics card supplied by the existing line-up of RTX 40 Ultra W Series graphics cards.

iGame DDR5 Memory

The iGame DDR5 ULTRA memory sports a white heat sink and the signature pop art design on top.

The all-in-one 360mm liquid CPU cooler, chassis, and power supply unit appear to be from Segotep, a company that is owned by COLORFUL Technology’s parent company. These components are also designed to complement the pop art design of the ULTRA Series motherboard and graphics cards. The iGame P850G Ultra W power supply features PCIe 5.0 and Intel ATX 3.0 standards to support the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series graphics cards.

COLORFUL Technology is yet to announce the release of the other components, aside from the iGame Z790 D5 ULTRA motherboard and ULTRA Series graphics cards, to be sold outside China.

Source: Bilibili