Confused About Cooler Clearance? CRYORIG Takes A Different Path... Origami.

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅24.11.2014 13:57:16

CRYORIG are certainly more than familiar with innovation in their core product range. Whether it be pushing the boundaries of performance in well-established form factors, or greatly improving cooler mounting systems, they're continually developing products which do their utmost to live up to the title of being 'universal'. However we're not sure that anyone ever expect origami to be part of their repertoire.

Announced today is the CR Orgami Compatibility Tester system, a bespoke solution allowing users to accurately assess whether the CPU cooler fin and heatpipe footprint can clear the widely different motherboard and RAM configurations available on the market today. Recognising that customer confusion isn't uncommon, CRYORIG aim to remove most of the guess-work from the process.

Taking the form of printable templates - a different template for each cooler - and 4-part assembly, the tester kit lets you know if your hardware can accommodate the chosen cooler comfortably, before any purchase needs to be made. This is especially useful for cooling upgrades from stock and low-end models, where parts are already to hand. Furthermore, it's far more exact than standard clearance charts that do not always account for the intricacies of complex cooler designs.

Four models currently have CR Origami Compatibility Tester templates:

Of course, CRYORIG also offer full support via [email protected]. For more information visit

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