Cooler Master to reveal newest technologies at CeBIT 2011

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Press Release

Cooler Master will be attending CeBit 2011, March 1st-5th in Hall 16, B20 Hannover, Germany and will reveal some new additions to its current lineup of innovative products including new chassis, power supplies, and coolers. There will also be new charging and sound devices to aid in mobile technology.

On display, will be two new cases, the Silent Chassis M and the CM Storm Enforcer. We will also be unveiling a new line of flagship semi-fanless power supply units dubbed Silent Pro Hybrid. In addition, CPU cooler solutions for everyday use, includes the Hyper 612S and GeminII S524. CM Storm also gives us a peak of the latest Sirus True 5.1 Surround Headset. Choiix, the mobile technology division, will be announcing several new products to make mobile computing easier and enjoyable. These items include the Power Fort Go Music, iPower Fort and Solar Backpack Battery.

The Silent Chassis M will feature soundproof front and side panels, while maintaining the ability to support long graphics cards such as the HD Radeon 5970. It is designed to make retrieving data from external devices easier with USB 3.0 and will have an SD card Reader on the front I/O Panel. It will also feature Cooler Master X-Dock technology supporting both 3.5 and& 2.5 HDD drives.

The CM Storm Enforcer will include the patented Storm Guard Security with two USB 3.0 ports and a removable 3.5/2.5 HDD cage. It has been designed with precision engineering and a sturdy body to back up the lifestyle of all gaming and LAN-party enthusiasts.

The new line of semi-fanless power supplies, Silent Pro Hybrid, will feature a fully modular design, external fan connect ports and manual fan speed control. The new power supplies will be available in the following wattage: 850W, 1050W and 1300W.

The Hyper 612S cpu cooler is the next generation of the Hyper series, aimed at silence-oriented operation. It has an unconventional layout, especially in regards to the heatpipes, as well as a quick-snap fan bracket design for easier installation.

The GeminII S524 is the next generation of high performance top-blow GeminII series, it is designed to find the optimum balance between CPU and component cooling. It features a larger heatsink, optimized for both 12cm or 14cm fans, and a revolutionary two-stage lever-type mounting system (optional).

Cooler Master is also going to show a whole new mid-range power supply, GX-450 on CeBit.
This power supply is specifically targeted at systems in the upper-mid range, yet reasonably priced. The Cooler Master GX Series of power supplies feature a single highly robust 12 V rail, proficiently delivering power to the most demanding components including the processor, drives, and cooling fans. Now including a double-layer EMI Filter, an intelligent 120 mm controllable fan and an active PFC/PWM combo controller for increased efficiency, the GX Series will keep the power in your hands.

The CM Storm Sirus: True 5.1 Surround Sound is a perfect 3D precision headset made with the options to adjust center, rear, front and bass sounds. It can amplify what you want to hear in game, while filtering out additional sounds. Its composed of ultra-strong braid lines and a 24k gold plate USB connector. In addition to the crystal clear omni directional microphone, It also features a desktop controller with ultra-precise volume control.

Choiix has evolved to charging multiple USB devices with a Solar Powered Backpack Battery case for the iPhone 4. The solar panel absorbs energy while on-the-go to charge the backup battery stored within the case.

The iPower Fort is designed with quality aluminum and clean lines to compliment your iPhone and iPod. The Choiix Power Fort series continues to include world class safety measures that are built into a slim and extremely light weight body.

The Power Fort Go Music merges a small pair of stereo speakers into their Power Fort mobile charger. This multi-functional portable power has enough juice to charge a smart phone and still have enough capacity left for 5 hours of music playback.

Cooler Master hopes to show the visitors how its new innovative technology can help new users and enthusiasts get the most out of their equipment. Cooler Master strives to provide the technological solutions to its customers before competitors even recognize the need for such solutions.

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