Cooler Master Unveils GX III Gold 1050W and 1250W ATX 3.0 PSUs

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Press Release

Cooler Master announced the launch of the high-power GX III Gold Series ATX 3.0 PSUs, available in 1050W and 1250W models. Not to be confused with the Cooler Master GX II Gold Series which was recently released, the Cooler Master GX III Gold provide immensely high wattages along with features such as a sleek, streamlined design, a highly durable 12VHPWR cable and ATX 3.0 compatibility for supporting the most powerful graphics cards in the industry.

Designed for power users, enthusiasts and custom builders, the Cooler Master GX III Gold builds on the legacy of Cooler Master's GX series. This innovative PSU offers all-new material and structural design, fully modular cabling and optimized thermal performance. Boasting 80 Plus Gold and efficiency certifications, the 1050W unit can also achieve Platinum level efficiency at 20%, 50%, and 100% loads in a 115V test, while the 1250W unit can achieve Titanium level efficiency at light loads. The GX III Gold series is the best PSU in its class.

Cooler Master GX III Gold Series Key Features

An Elegant, Streamlined Design:
Features a hexagonal fan cover for improved airflow, Cooler Master's signature visual identity and hidden fan brackets for a clean, modern look.

Fully Modular Cabling:
Reduces clutter, increases airflow and enhances overall thermal performance.

ATX 3.0 Support:
Meets the latest Intel ATX 3.0 specifications for compatibility with the latest GPUs such as Nvidia's 40 series.

Highly Durable 90-Degree 12VHPWR Cable:
This connector is rated PCIe 5.0 for enhanced electrical durability, improved safety and 5C lower average temperature across stress tests.

Optimized Thermal Performance:
An anodic-coated heat sink helps keep average temperatures 5℃ lower than traditional heat sinks, ensuring enhanced durability and longevity.

Exceptional Efficiency:
Both units are 80 Plus Gold certified and the 1050W unit is capable of Platinum efficiency at 20%, 50% and 100% loads in a 115V test, while the 1250W Can achieve 80 Plus Titanium level efficiency during general use.

Silent Fan Performance & Zero-RPM Mode:
Features a smart thermal control mode with a default zero-spin setting.

High-Quality Japanese Capacitors:
High-quality Japanese capacitors feature reduced ripple noise and enhanced reliability.

10-year warranty:
This unit comes with a standard limited manufacturing warranty of 10 years from the date of purchase.

Cooler Master did not reveal information regarding pricing and availability as of this writing. To learn more, please visit the product page links below.
Cooler Master GX III Gold 1250
Cooler Master GX III Gold 1050

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