CORSAIR Acquires Visuals by Impulse - Creator of Stream Designs

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅16.02.2021 14:45:08
Press Release

CORSAIR is pleased to announce it has acquired Visuals by Impulse, the world’s premium design platform for creators, which will join CORSAIR under its existing Elgato brand.

About Visuals by Impulse

Founded in 2015, Visuals by Impulse (VBI) provides professional design for creators on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming. Streamers around the world use VBI overlays, alerts, and widgets to customize their broadcasts and grow their fanbases. Thanks to VBI technology and design, anyone can create stylish, personalized live-streaming content — from first-time creators to streaming superstars.

VBI works with some of the biggest names in live-streaming, from international celebrities to esports organizations, to gaming and technology brands. VBI is a trusted partner for over 200,000 creators — and the industry’s go-to resource for free graphics, premium animations, and online streaming tools. Check out their streaming tools on the video below.

Visuals by Impulse Stream Store: Overlays, Alerts & Widgets

“With the addition of Visuals by Impulse to the Elgato family, we’re excited to extend our core mission of empowering content creators. Design is a crucial element shaping a creator’s identity, and VBI has been at the forefront of making beautiful and interactive design accessible to anyone,” said Julian Fest, SVP and General Manager at Elgato. “Together with the talented team at VBI, we plan to push the boundaries of what design can mean for creators.”

"We're delighted to join and work alongside the Elgato family, a brand that has become synonymous with giving creators the tools they need to truly shine. Elgato’s attention to detail with products, marketing, and the role of design matches our own and makes us ideal partners," said Caleb Leigh, Founder and General Manager of Visuals by Impulse. "We're excited to bring new innovations to creators across the globe, especially exploring the potential of matching Elgato's platforms, such as Stream Deck, with VBI's design capabilities.”

Visuals by Impulse will become a product line within Elgato. For more information on Visuals by Impulse, please visit:

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