Corsair Clarify Switch Options For Upcoming RGB Keyboard

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅10.02.2014 15:51:31

One of the highly anticipated products to come out of CES this year was a Corsair mechanical keyboard which featured Cherry's new MX RGB switch technology. At the time however only MX Red-style switches - denoted as MX RGB Red - were listed; although the most common, the linear response of MX Reds isn't well liked by some.

In a post on the Corsair Blog James Cao goes into some depth describing the new Cherry MX RGB switch design and how it differs from the LED-per-switch designs of typical Cherry switches. It's well worth a read if you're interested in how the technology has evolved, but beyond ground we have already covered two new pieces of information were dropped.

The first and most important is that more switch options will be available for the new keyboard than simply MX RGB Reds. Both MX Blue and MX Brown styles will join the linear MX RGB Red, adding light and medium tactile responses for enthusiasts who prefer it.

Corsair's status as Cherry's exclusive launch partner for these switches is the second titbit, and infers a level of timed exclusivity. It's likely that other manufacturers will have their own models later down the road (presupposing the market welcomes the tech) but until then Corsair will have a monopoly.

A name for Corsair's keyboard hasn't become public as yet, nor have release dates and prices, but there will no doubt be legions of enthusiasts keen to try them out.

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