CORSAIR Launches K70 MAX Keyboard and HS80 MAX Headset

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅10.08.2023 16:26:15
Press Release

CORSAIR announced the launch of new peripherals that empower you to craft a customized gaming experience like no other. This launch includes a game-changing new keyboard: The CORSAIR K70 MAX Magnetic-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. The first keyboard with adjustable CORSAIR MGX magnetic-mechanical switches, the K70 MAX offers an unprecedented level of configurability in every keystroke. Whether for blistering speed or impeccable typing accuracy, the K70 MAX is the ideal device for those who seek maximum keyboard performance. Also launching today is the CORSAIR HS80 MAX gaming headset.


The K70 MAX gaming keyboard showcases all-new CORSAIR MGX magnetic switches, enabling you to set each key’s individual actuation distance from 0.4mm to 3.6mm, adjustable in 0.1mm steps. CORSAIR MGX switches also introduce dual-point actuation, which lets you set two discrete actions per keypress, opening up the possibility for one-two combos, such as lightly touching a key to walk, and pressing it hard to go into a run. With such an incredible amount of control over every keystroke, your imagination can run wild with potential in-game uses.

CORSAIR MGX switches will also enable a new Rapid Trigger mode, coming to CORSAIR K70 MAX via a firmware update later in Q3, with full customization via CORSAIR iCUE launching later this fall. Rapid Trigger unlocks per-key hyper-responsiveness to give you a competitive edge in FPS and other fast-paced games. With Rapid Trigger enabled, keys reset immediately when they travel upward, giving K70 MAX the advantage over traditional mechanical keyboards for fast re-presses and input changes.

The CORSAIR K70 MAX also includes the trademark premium build that defines CORSAIR K70's performance and reliability. The CORSAIR K70 MAX incorporates two layers of sound dampening, so you can enjoy refined acoustics as you type. The keyboard’s iconic aluminium frame is etched with a striking tri-hex pattern, adding flair and sophistication to your desktop. Play in plush comfort as you place your hands on a memory foam-imbued detachable magnetic palm rest, and strike each key with confidence on sturdy PBT double-shot keycaps.


The CORSAIR HS80 MAX is a multi-platform gaming headset that exemplifies superior audio quality and performance. HS80 MAX boasts Bluetooth® support, offering versatile connectivity on a host of platforms and consoles to go along with ultra-fast 2.4GHz wireless. Now you can connect to all your devices, smoothly switching between 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth® with the press of a button.

Alongside new connectivity options, all the best elements of the HS80 lineup are here: a broadcast-grade omnidirectional microphone, super-comfortable floating headband, and aluminum reinforced construction. Truly get immersed in your games on PC and Mac with Dolby Atmos spatial audio, perfected for you via the intuitive Sonarworks SoundID tool that finds your unique hearing preferences and tailors a completely personalized audio profile. With some of the best headset speaker drivers and an expertly tuned microphone, you – and your teammates – will hear the HS80 MAX difference immediately.

Pricing, Availability, and Warranty
Both the CORSAIR K70 MAX and CORSAIR HS80 MAX are backed with a two-year warranty. Both are now available on the CORSAIR webstore and partner resellers.
CORSAIR K70 MAX (US Layout): $229.99 on Amazon
CORSAIR K70 MAX (UK Layout): £209.99 on Amazon UK
CORSAIR HS80 MAX (White/Gray): $179.99 on Amazon
CORSAIR HS80 MAX (White/Gray): £169.99 on Amazon UK

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