Corsair To Use Exclusive New Controller In Neutron-Series SSD

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅07.06.2012 13:16:37

In other news coming out from Corsair this week, they've departed somewhat from their tried and tested performance SSD platform and branched out to a non-Sandforce controller. The Neutron Series, composed of Neutron and Neutron GTX lines, will utilise a Link_A_Media Devices (LAMD) SATA III controller.

Neutron SSD's will be composed of a LAMD Micron ONFI NAND flash or Toshiba Toggle-Mode NAND in the case of the GTX line, with the GTX line being especially suited to high write-rates. However with previous Sandforce drives we have already seen read/write rates in excess of 500MB/s; where the Neutron comes into its own is excellent IOPS for consumer-level drives. Internal Corsair testing pegs both at around 80,000 IOPS.

The Neutron and Neutron GTX SSD's will be available in 120 GB and 240 GB capacities; the Neutron GTX will also be available in 480 GB. Hopefully this indicates a gradual phasing out of <100GB capacities in consumer lines for uses other than caching.

Also of interest is the 2.5" form factor and 7mm height, making the Neutron series compatible with both standard and slim notebooks.

For more detailed information on these drives visit the Neutron landing page and Corsair blog.

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