COUGAR Cratus Chassis Designed For Case Mods Unveiled

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅29.09.2022 23:47:06

COUGAR introduces the Cratus chassis, designed to inspire creative PC mods to create the ultimate showcase gaming PC. The COUGAR Cratus features a 3D constructed steel tube frame to provide aesthetic curves. The steel tube frame is complemented with four tempered glass panels that provides a clear interior view. The front sports a curved tempered glass panel with complex 3D shapes. The COUGAR Cratus also features an impressive interior space that supports up to E-ATX motherboards and 360mm radiators for liquid cooling. Given the sheer size of the latest NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 40 Series, the Cratus will have no problem fitting an RTX 4090 with its length allowance of up to 460mm.

COUGAR’s Take on the Cratus
The design concept of Cratus originates from the innovative character C stroke as the mechanism to express the Creative image of COUGAR. If you are an imaginative enthusiast of the PC territory and strive to find new ways to present a masterpiece, Cratus provides you with an excellent blueprint.

The COUGAR Cratus comes with three pre-installed 120mm RGB fans and the RGB flash beam at the top-front of the case. The RGB lighting components are controlled by a built-in LED controller and are compatible with motherboard RGB sync technologies.

Given its open-frame design and visible interiors with tempered glass panels, the interior features cover panels to hide cables to achieve clean cable management. The interior cover panels also cover the 3.5-inch HDD bays.

The COUGAR Cratus can house a mighty gaming PC build. It has excellent support for an E-ATX motherboard, 460mm graphics cards, two 3.5” HDDs, and three 2.5” SSDs, which allows for the most extreme system builds.

COUGAR did not reveal information on pricing and availability as of this writing. To learn more about the COUGAR Cratus chassis, please visit the COUGAR Gaming website.

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