COUGAR Level-Up Their Chair Game with the Ranger 'Gaming Sofa'

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅07.05.2020 23:40:09

Just when you thought you'd seen it all from gaming chair manufacturers, along comes a design that genuinely surprises you. Such is the case today as PC gaming peripheral specialists COUGAR reveal the latest addition to their burgeoning range of brand-appropriate furniture: the RANGER 'Gaming Sofa', a recliner chair built for comfort rather than apeing motorsport-inspired designs.

The Ranger has been designed for gaming in the comfort of your living room on your PC, console or smartphone, and has a 95 to 160 degrees reclining mechanism that can even help you catch the odd nap. Like a conventional recliner you can lie back in this chair when you want to just relax and watch live TV or streams of your favourite Esports competitors, and prop yourself up when things get serious.

A 'living room appropriate' gaming chair comes at an interesting time for the hobby. Low-noise performance PCs are starting to pop up in both front rooms and dens but gamers are often restricted to seats tailored to either desk-bound gaming or standard living room decor. The Ranger brings new options to the table, and that's always a worthy endeavour.

COUGAR have dubbed the Ranger a 'gaming sofa'. While we might pause at the sofa descriptor given it only seats one, it's certainly all about comfort just like all good sofas should be. The seat is upholstered in black PVC leather, has both head and lumbar rest support, and an option of five different stitch colours - orange, blue, green, pink or gold. The only question is whether it would fit in with your room's decor.

Weight capacity sits at 160KG (352 lbs), and the seat itself weights a not inconsiderable 31kg (68 lbs). A 4-step assembly process speaks of a straightforward design as far as the end-user is concerned, but you may nonetheless want to have a second person on hand when putting it together. Be aware that, as a recliner, the Ranger might not be as easy to raise and lower as a standard gaming chair.

The COUGAR RANGER has an MSRP of $299 in the US. Pricing and availability in other regions is to be confirmed. For more information on this and other gaming peripherals and accessories visit [url=]][/url].

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