COUGAR Phontum S Gaming Headset Gets Pink Version

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COUGAR introduced the Phontum S Gaming Headset earlier this month. The Phontum S is the is the successor of the Phontum gaming headset released back in 2018. The Phontom S share some of the unique features of its predecessor including the Dual Chamber System and Dual Earpads. The Phontum S comes with an even larger set of earpads and improved 9.7mm Cardioid microphone. Like the Phontum, the Phontum S also packs 53mm drivers with graphene diaphragms. Aside from COUGARís black and orange colour theme, the Phontum S gets a Pink edition joining the line-up pink coloured PC components and peripherals thatís been a craze recently. The Phontum S uses a standard 3.5mm combo jack thatís compatible with a wide selection of devices including PC, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and consoles.

Phontum S Features

Dual-Chamber System
The dual-chamber system delivers a clearer distinction between bass, mid, and treble audio outputs having a larger space for pressure releases which in turn produces high-fidelity audio for gaming.

Extra-Large Drivers with Graphene Diaphragms
This allows the large 53mm drivers to deliver audio without distortions, producing crisper and cleaner audio.

Premium 9.7mm Cardioid Mic
New to the Phontum S gaming headset, the premium 9.7mm cardioid microphone delivers better voice recording for clearer communication thatís crucial in competitive gaming.

Dual Earpads
The Phontum S comes with a pair of protein skin-friendly leather earpads ideal for gaming and a pair of breathable fabric earpads thatís lighter ideal for travels and commutes.

Specifications and Comparison

Pricing and Availability
The Cougar Phontum S Pink Edition Gaming Headset is now available at Amazon and Newegg for $64.99. Learn more about the Phontum S at the COUGAR Gaming website.

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