Cougar Pick Up iF Awards For New PC Peripherals

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March 6th 2014, Taipei - COUGAR, leading PC case, power supply and computer peripherals brand has won design awards for two new gaming peripherals, an ultimate gaming mouse and an ultimate gaming keyboard. It took two years for COUGAR to develop the first aluminum framed gaming mouse, the 700M and keyboard, the 700K, and both have won the iF (International Design Award) of 2014. The iF Design Awards are considered the design “Oscars” in the IT/PC industry.

Design Concept behind the COUGAR Gaming Mouse 700M is one of a "vertebrate" with metal support for “bones”. This allows for customized ergonomic adjustments and players can transform the feel of it in accordance with customary gestures giving the right height. There is also a unique design idea for the side angle sniper button. At 45 degrees, the lateral force can be slower, so this design provides for a more accurate aim. The “magazine” and “muzzle” shape of the cable connector and its strain relief add to a more game-like feel.

Design Concept behind the COUGAR Gaming Keyboard 700K was inspired by military “stealth warships” technology, the design is created from elements of geometric facets: mechanical key modules are mounted on an exposed, bent aluminum structure with premium anodized surface treatments, enabling more efficient typing bolstered by providing the players wrist support points. Intuitive key and button groupings are neatly integrated into the plastic frame, drawing attention to key areas so gamers can focus on their competitive matches.

These design awards further bolsters COUGAR’s reputation for excellent product design and creation. Look for the new COUGAR flagship gaming mouse, the 700M and keyboard, the 700K that will be officially launched on the market soon.

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