COUGAR Presents FV270 Luminous Rotating Platform

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅04.07.2024 16:10:42

The COUGAR FV270 chassis is one of the highlights in the brand’s COMPUTEX 2024 exhibit. The COUGAR FV270 Series chassis offers a fresh and unique design that joins the growing panoramic chassis offerings that highlights a pillar-less front to side glass panel design. Most of the panoramic cases mimic the ever-popular LIAN LI O11D’s box chassis design with a dual-chamber layout which the COUGAR FV270 Series chassis deviates.

The COUGAR FV270 Series features a unique polyhedral structure with the typical bottom-mounted PSU layout. The case features the Air Guide Shroud, a 120mm fan for intake located at the bottom front of the chassis. The Air Guide Shroud can be replaced with this new optional accessory, the COUGAR FV270 Luminous Rotating Platform that covers the bottom-front intake fan. Also available in black and white colours to match the case’s colour, the platform is the perfect place for figurines. The platform can support up to 1 kilogram so it can support even tall figurines.

COUGAR has not revealed pricing as of this writing. To learn more, please visit the links below
COUGAR FV270 Chassis
COUGAR FV270 RGB Chassis
COUGAR FV270 Luminous Rotating Platform

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