COUGAR Presents TURRET Compact Tempered Glass Chassis

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅14.07.2018 08:11:50

COUGAR adds another tempered glass gaming chassis to its line-up featuring a compact mid-tower form factor – the COUGAR TURRET chassis. The TURRET chassis sits at a very attractive price point for gamers on a tight budget but desires the premium view, look and feel of tempered glass panels. The COUGAR TURRET comes with two pre-installed powerful VORTEX LED 120mm cooling fans in front for intake. The VORTEX LED’s lighting design features a uniform 180° glow that’s seen through the tempered glass panels. The TURRET chassis also feature a comprehensive cooling hardware support including radiators of up to 360mm in front and up to 240mm radiators on top. The case can support up to six cooling fans to create exceptional cooling for high-performance setups.

The COUGAR TURRET chassis packs a full-size tempered glass window for a perfect view of the interior. It features the Gaming Vent System that delivers plenty of fresh air for components inside to ensure your gaming machine will never reach critical temperatures. The TURRET supports multiple graphics cards of up to 350mm in length to create high-performance gaming setups. With its extensive cooling hardware support, the TURRET supports both all-in-one liquid CPU coolers and custom liquid cooling setups.


Pricing and Availability
The COUGAR TURRET chassis is now available for pre-order at OCUK for £66.95.

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