COUGAR Releases Immersa Essential Gaming Headset

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅05.05.2021 14:37:02

COUGAR releases the Immersa Essential gaming headset with multi-platform support and ultra-lightweight construction that’s just 260 grams. The COUGAR Immersa Essential comes in three different colours – classic black, orange, and blue. Its featherlike weight design offers superb comfort for long gaming sessions. It features ergonomically oval-shaped earpads and a flexible headband that provides a firm and comfortable hold.

The Immersa Essential gaming headset uses 40mm drivers to deliver high-quality stereo audio and it's 9.7mm noise-canceling microphones ensure quality voice recording for communication. The microphone boom is 160mm long and comes with an anti-pop cover for noise reduction. The gaming headset is also equipped with true fidelity cables with shielding and insulation that reduces the crosstalk signal. This improves sound transmission with reduced disturbances making voice recording clearer.

COUGAR Immersa Essential Features

260g Ultra–Lightweight Suspended Leatherlike Headband Design
40mm Drivers with High-quality Stereo Sound
9.7mm Noise Cancellation Microphone with Perfect Clarity
In-line Volume Control and Microphone Switch Control
4-Pole to 3-Pole Adapter for Extra Compatibility
Reduce Crosstalk Signal Transmission

COUGAR did not reveal pricing as of this writing. Learn more about the IMMERSA ESSENTIAL gaming headsets at COUGAR

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